Jodi Hoffmann


"Nine years ago I developed an autoimmune disorder that resulted in chronic and widespread bodily pain, affecting my muscles as well as my joints. 

Western medicines were not successful in alleviating the pain so I turned to yoga.  I tried many different kinds of yoga but due to my extreme physical limitations I was unable to continue.  

Calypso mentioned very casually that she could instruct me in yoga that would not only take into account my limitations, but actually help my overall physical inabilities. Based on my past experiences with yoga I was highly skeptical. 

I agreed to try a class with her and I was astounded at what I was able to do under her instruction! Calypso’s personalized approach enabled me to do poses and stretches that were previously not possible for me.  

Under Calypso’s instruction of modified poses and stretches I am now experiencing the following benefits: I am much more limber, I have less pain, I’ve been able to develop and strengthen muscles, I've improved balance, I have a stronger core and therefore less back pain and I’m sleeping much better!  

I am deeply grateful to be working with such a gifted and dedicated instructor."

David Cerrito

"Hello all, its my pleasure to write this review for Miss Calypso’s classes. 

I am 50 years old, extremely stressed out, very overweight and out of shape, but she made me feel very comfortable and has been a very patient, encouraging instructor. 

The progress I've made is unbelievable. I weighed 410 lbs when I began with her, and as you can probably guess, I wasn't very agile. The flexibility increase is so dramatic I'm doing things I couldn't do when I was in my 20's and in shape!.

I leave her studio feeling sore, but a good sore, like after a good workout with weights and so relaxed I could sleep right there on the floor if she'd let me. I'm a person who never thought in a million years they'd do yoga but here I am, and I'm angry I didn't start sooner. I'm feeling so much better mentally and physically. 

I absolutely recommend Calypso to everyone who notices the positive changes in me, and they do, a lot!"   

Dr. Melissa Hazlitt

"When Calypso first started working with me, I was very out of shape and inflexible. I had just finished a long period of inactivity and wanted to focus on fitness. I could not have asked for a better teacher.

Calypso’s command of yoga was further emphasized by her sincere commitment to the health of her clients. She also seamlessly integrated elements of other practices, including Pilates and even some light boxing, into our work together.

Within a couple of months I noticed substantial differences, and at the end of 6 months, I had improved markedly in terms of flexibility and tone.

She is a singular teacher—focused, kind, and committed to her art. Sadly, I recently moved away, but Calypso has given me the tools to continue my yoga/health journey!"

Michael Flaherty

"Calypso is wonderful to work with. She is not only pleasant, humorous and friendly but also very knowledgeable and well trained at her craft. She is patient but will also know when to push you to get the most out of yourself and your training. I have honestly seen great results from working with her that I would not have come close to achieving on my own. If you are looking to improve your physical and mental well being I would highly recommend working with Calypso."

“I have been doing Yoga on and off for years now.  There has been more off than on because I never really felt the benefits that others raved about, and my inflexibility got in my way of really enjoying it. Until I met Calypso…..and everything changed.

One session with Calypso is worth 5 Yoga classes as far as I’m concerned.  She is truly gifted at what she does and how she communicates with me and with my body. I walked out of my Yoga session with her yesterday and felt 100 times better than when I walked in, on all fronts.

I can finally say I’m getting the "Yoga high” thanks to Calypso.  I recommend her to everyone and am so excited about how far I know I’ll be able to get in terms of flexibility and health with her help.  Thanks Calypso, you are truly an earth angel sent from the Yoga Gods.”

Lisa Zaccheo

“Calypso is an excellent teacher and is very in-tune with her clients as individuals. With my own work injuries and chronic illness she has taken the time to learn what works for me and has made significant improvement on my daily pain and my mindset.  She brings a diverse skillset to the table which is so apparent, especially after frustrating experiences with disinterested physicians and some less knowledgable holistic practitioners.  I can't recommend her highly enough!!”

Jaden Harris