First of all, this will be written in the first person because, who am I kidding ? Let’s not pretend I didn’t write my own Bio. 

So here we go: My name is Calypso and I’m from the Midwest. Of Europe. Actually I’m from Belgium. I love movement, in all of it’s forms. From Aerial Silks to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From Pilates to Thai Boxing. From Hiking to Wind Surfing (I call it Falling).

I’m a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher as well as a certified hypnotist. Although frankly, I’m always learning: from Yoga 4 Cancer certification to MMTCP with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach (Class of 2021).

Now, and this is a plot twist: I grew up in the least sports oriented family I know. Not only did my parents not care about sports at all, they almost disdained people who were practicing them. In school, I would do anything to skip gym class. But I do remember one of my teachers, I was probably around 10/ 11 years old, telling us: « You should enjoy this class now, because one day, you guys will pay big money to exercise ». I remember thinking that that woman was out of her mind. Funny how life goes..

So I spent my teens somehow struggling with my weight, not dabbling in any sports. Then, when I first came to the United States at age 19, I really started packing up serious pounds. I also struggled with anxiety. So I decided to experience a little bit with the home gym within the apartment complex I lived in. That relationship started on the wrong foot: I didn’t know what I was doing and it felt like it wasn’t worth it. So when I moved out, I moved on.


When I lived in Paris, a few years (and more pounds) later, things changed: different lifestyle, walking everywhere… I would still eat what I wanted but I was being so active, that the pounds just faded away. I was on to something!

Around the same time, I would travel to the United States often, I started hearing a lot of hype about this yoga thing. I would go visit my friends, and they would refuse to go out on Saturday night under the pretext that they had yoga on Sunday morning. For an early twenty-something, it was intriguing to say the least. But at first I resisted, passing on a hangover didn’t seem like a viable solution. Then one day I caved in… and it changed my life forever.

So my journey with yoga began with a big dose of stubbornness and it continued that way too. I just wouldn’t embrace it. It seemed too hippy dippy, too granola, just not my scene. But then over the years, things switched, I grew and I just couldn’t deny the many ways the practice was altering my life. Always for the best. Yoga changed my life, but changes are not always radical, sometimes they take a decade to come to fruition.

It took me years to understand Shivasana at the end of class, then years to morph that understanding into a daily meditation practice. It even took me years to understand that yoga was actually the missing link that was tuning me into my body.


Everybody’s journey is different and I’m so thankful to all the teachers who have showed me the way. It seems fair I would try to do the same for others now. Today I let my practice be life altering. I let it ground me and carry me further. I let it keep me curious. Always.

This journey has taken me into my body and out in the world. Every time I travel, I make sure to experience new kinds of yoga teaching or movement methods. It has become a way of living.

And somewhere along the line, my practice even become my full time job. So curiosity has made me start moving my body in my 20’s. And now it has become a necessity. It keeps me healthy physically and mentally. It has even become a path to get out of chronic back pain. Something I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember. Until I discovered hypnosis.

Pain has been a great teacher but I refuse to let it become the master of my life. So instead I try to channel it into life lessons, it has taught me empathy and humility. It has forced me to become a lifelong seeker and thus a better teacher. It has shown me the path toward kindness to oneself and made me dedicate my life to helping people on their path towards self-care.