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Welcome to Calypsology.com


A page to share my vision for the movement based practice I’m offering.

It combines Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Hypnosis. If you seek weight loss, maintaining/ increasing your fitness level improving your flexibility, lowering your anxiety or if you simply like being told what to do by somebody with a French accent, this is the method for you.

Usually, sessions are divided in 3 phases. First warming up, followed by raising the heat, then, for the last 20 minutes or so, I do all the work with a series of assisted stretching (including thai Lanna stretchings).

In other words: you will break a sweat but you’ll also leave very relaxed.

But first and foremost, I believe that in order to be a teacher, you need to be a student. Which is why I’m constantly striving to learn new techniques involving the mind-body connection. From Hatha yoga in India to Iyengar in Barcelona. From Vipassana in Nepal to Thai massages in Chiang Mai.

As a constant seeker of personal growth, I’m always sharing the tools I encounter with the people kind enough to trust me.

The mind-body connection is actually at the core of my practice: I believe that the things you don’t say, the things you don’t process or that you keep inside, will eventually be translated physically. No wonder the word « flexible » can be used for the body as well as for the mind.

I believe that movement is a form of expression: any kind of movement, even small, as long as we start somewhere. I pride myself into working with people who think « yoga is not for me », « I’m too old/ too fat/ too sick/ in too much pain/ insert your excuse here ». I won’t leave anybody behind.

Oh, and people who think: « I don’t need this, I’m an athlete, therefore this is going to be too easy for me » - you might want to get in touch too. Sometimes what you need to reach the next level of performance is a little tuning or injury recovery/ prevention. Not only do I offer a practice that’s tailor made for your needs/body, it will also fluctuate depending on how you feel at any given time. Because whether you are actually experiencing pain or not, not every day is the same.

This is not carte blanche to be lazy (showing off my French here), it’s just that I believe in being your champion, not your bully. I aim at creating a practice that will nurture your body and your mind. Because whatever you are going through in life, you should always take time for self care. Taking care of yourself now will always come handy later.